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I am a longtime resident of Queen Anne and a lifelong Seattleite, born and raised in the south end of Seattle.  Making the Seattle Public School experience great is important to me as my 4-year-old daughter will enter kindergarten in the 2018-2019 school year and my husband is a graduate of Seattle Public Schools in Queen Anne and the Central District.

My parents sent me to private school for grades 1 - 12, with the belief they were providing a better education for me.  I want to change that perception; a private school education in Seattle is different but should not be “better” than a public school education.  

I have great respect for teachers.  As a school board member I would work to provide support, engagement, and opportunities for growth to the Seattle teachers.   

Other issues I would focus on are: raising the rate of high school graduation rates in Seattle schools, providing more affordable preschool spaces for Seattle children, giving our children more playground space and adequate lunch and recess time, providing more oversight on “gap-closing” initiatives for students of color and students with disabilities, and promoting better neighborhood engagement.  

District rezoning for elementary schools in currently happening in my neighborhood.  Some families living within blocks of a school would be in a zone for a school much farther away and other families, mine included, would be zoned to send their children across a busy four lane road and railroad tracks to a school in a different neighborhood.  I do not feel there was enough notice and outreach about this planned rezoning.  Options are currently limited.  We must involve and engage the entire community in pre planning discussions and meetings when such disruptive changes are proposed.  

We need to work proactively rather than re-actively to meet growth challenges.

I am running because I believe in public engagement.  It is our responsibility as members of our community to be aware and involved. 


I taught English as a foreign language in Japan to children of all ages and adults.  I recognize how challenging it is to keep students engaged and challenged. 

I have participated in community outreach for Planned Parenthood, other health care organizations, and a car sharing company.

I have volunteered as a Youth Mentor (Youth in Focus), as a childcare provider for foster kids (Fostering Together), and as a childcare provider for children at my church.   

My current full-time job is a supervisor at a busy medical office.  We work with a diverse population and provide excellent care.  


Seattle Preparatory High School.

Seattle University, B.A. in Humanities.  

Seattle Central College, A.A.S. in commercial photography. 


 As a public school teacher of 35 years, I am happy to endorse Jennifer for school board as she shares my concerns for the direction public education is taking in Seattle. She is right to express concerns about the dearth of genuine community involvement in School District decisions, about the lack of urgency by the District to reduce the academic gap seen in low-income and minority communities, and about the trend to build mega schools with undersized playgrounds. Ensuring adequate time for lunch and recess for elementary schools is a welcomed gesture as it shows her focus on the whole child – an important quality for a school board director. Without doubt, she will drive the District forward, keeping parents and children in her vision, not the rear view mirror.

Robert Femiano

Seattle School Teacher

Presidential Award for Excellence in Math Teaching

 I endorse Jennifer Crow because she is one of the few candidates who identify students with disabilities and students of color as an area that the school district needs to support/address because they are often the victims of budget cuts. Jennifer is a Seattle native and she is invested in OUR community.  

Laura Obara Gramer, parent to two deaf students in SPS, community advocate, former board candidate for District 2,  former co chair of Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities

Jennifer understands the need for adequate play space for elementary school students. She also does not support the "mega-school" building construction that the SSD#1 favors.

Jim Wurzer

Loyal Heights Elementary School Neighbor

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